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Snakes (Serpentes)

Non Poisonous

Note:  The non-poisonous snakes above are beneficial to the eco-system, harmless to humans and a good sign of a healthy garden.  It is recommended to leave them be as they do not bite unless provoked.


Western Rattlesnake aka “Prairie Rattler”  (Crotalus viridis)

Treatment:  Treatment is by catching/trapping, removing, and recommended environmental changes around your structure.  Our company does not typically treat for snakes, however if you have one in your yard we could catch it for you. :)  This page was mainly for educational purposes.

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Common Garter Snake

Western Terrestrial Garter Snake

Northwestern Garter Snake

Gopher Snake

(aka Bull Snake)

Puget Sound Garter Snake

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Racer Snake

Rubber Boa Snake

Western (Prairie) Rattlesnake

Below are some of the more common snakes found in the state of Washington: