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Plans & Prices

The Premium Pest Package:  

Starting at $100 + tax per Quarterly Service every 3 months  (For the average 1000 - 1200 square foot one-story single family residence with no additional outbuildings or some small businesses.  Prices for larger homes and businesses will be adjusted accordingly.) Waterfront homes must go on a Bi-Monthly service (or possibly monthly) due to higher pest issues associated with being located near the water.

This is an excellent proactive preventative plan in which the site is treated on a quarterly basis.  This plan includes the prevention and treatment of many common problem pests.  In addition, if a pest problem (covered under the plan) occurs in between services we will take care of it at no additional cost to you as an interim service.  Customers generally choose this plan because it covers a broad amount of common pests and once on this plan their basic pest worries are over.

Pests covered for treatment under this plan are:

Ants (except for Moisture Ants)

Mice & Rats


Wasps & Hornets (Includes all small nests attached to structure only, up to 15’ high.  Nests in places difficult to access may be referred out.)

This plan will also greatly reduce (if not completely eliminate) other nuisance pests such as box elder bugs, centipedes, earwigs, ground beetles, silverfish, pill bugs, plus many more general insects that come in contact with the products

This plan would go into effect after the initial first service (minimal $125 + tax) or the charge to treat any existing pest problems.  For example, if you call and have an ant problem, you would be charged for the standard service cost to remove the ants and then be eligible to begin the Premium Pest Package quarterly service to prevent future pest issues.  


Monthly, Bi-Monthly and other service plan periods available:

Prices would vary depending on the circumstances and would need to be evaluated for each customer.  Because there are so many variables we want to be as clear as possible on the key points.

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Whether it’s your home or business, we can customize a plan just for you!

If you need service monthly, quarterly, annually, or on an as-needed basis we are glad to help! Each home or business is different and will need to be evaluated and discussed to see what the best options are available for you.  

We recommend our quarterly “Premium Pest Package” listed below because it covers a wide variety of pests and is very cost effective.

We do not require our customers to sign binding contracts.  We only ask that customers choosing to be on a service plan sign a non-binding  “Customer Service Agreement Form” that outlines the services covered, prices, service frequency and other details under their plan.  This agreement may be canceled at any time by either party as we understand that situations change and we feel nobody should be bound by a contract in those circumstances.

As-Needed Service:  

Prices Vary (depending on number of visits needed and pest involved)

Most pest calls that we perform range from $125 - $600 from start to completion.  Every situation is different and needs to be evaluated.  On occasion some situations may cost more depending on the complexity. This is why many opt for the Premium Pest Package because pests often re-infest structures.  



Most situations will not require us to refer jobs out to another pest professional. However the following examples are jobs we do not accept:

*  jobs that require going into crawl spaces that are hard to access, don’t have at least 3 feet clearance, or are very dirty

*  wasp/hornet nests that are higher than 15’ or are deemed inaccessible

*  pest problems off-structure that are hard to find or reach

*  rodent infestations caused by too many conducive conditions that need to be remedied first by the customer

*  animal removals such as moles, squirrels, birds, raccoons, opossums, and other wildlife

*  any real-estate transactions requiring a pest service for the buying or selling of a home or business

*  termites, wood-boring beetles