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Hi, my name is Don Nilan Jr, owner of Bayside Service LLC, a pest control company located in Shelton, Washington.  A good friend of mine, George Burger and myself have developed an invention to assist technicians in our industry.  We teamed up with FlowZone to bring these new products to you. I have personally tested and used these products in my own company for the past two years and they are a huge help.   

Firefly™ Universal Bait Tube Flashlight Mount

Firefly™ Universal Wand Flashlight Mount

Purchase the

Firefly™ Universal Wand Flashlight Mount through FlowZone Here

Purchase the Firefly™ Universal Bait Tube Flashlight Mount through FlowZone Here

Stores on Many Sprayer Tanks At All Times



Make sure to take apart and remove the spacer in between the battery and the flashlight contacts so it will work when you first receive them.

FlowZone Backpack sprayers:

You can place the Firefly wand mount on wand when using and in toolbox in your work vehicle when you are not.  Some back sprayers you can safely snap in a safe place somewhere out of the way on the back sprayer itself when not in use.

Standard size pump sprayer tanks with metal spray wands:

You can place Firefly wand mounts in several safe locations depending on what sprayer you are using and how you want to use weather on the tip, the 3/8 wand, or storing on the spray tank.  You can keep safely on the hand sprayers themselves where the hose goes into the tank on the brass nut just under the spring and you can move the spring up by twisting and turning it to make a little room there so the light is always on your tank with you at all times.  Pivot mount with Flashlight to the inside to where it rests in between the hose and filler cap with the flashlight facing downward on or slightly above the top of the sprayer tank to be well protected when walking with the sprayer and doing your work.  Pivot out of the way when filling or bleeding pressure.  Take Firefly off hose and mount on tip of sprayer wand when you need it and place back on top of tank when you do not.

Bait tube mount:

The Bait Tube mount can be placed in a small box or container and then placed in your bait bags while working in homes or buildings, or in your toolbox in your work vehicle when not in use.  The Bait tube mount works on standard bait one-inch tubes that we use in our industry for ants and roaches.


These little mounts can break when you are filling your tanks, tools falling on them in the back of your trucks, working on your sprayers, dropping them, when you twist filler caps open to bleed pressure, fill, or closing filler cap assembly.  Make sure to remove the mount or just pivot them out of the way while they are staying on the tank in storage area if you are working with your tanks. Take care of these little Firefly universal flashlight mounts and they will last and seriously help you when you need them.  FlowZone has made these little mounts to help keep technicians safer by making away for them to remove their flashlights out of one hand to free up away to steady yourselves and to see exactly where you need to see when applying Pesticides. Thank you for choosing FlowZone!